Christ the King Church

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Christ the King Church is a fellowship of Christian believers. We are committed to the good news . . . that God is good, and He saves sinners. We meet on Sundays at 4:oo pm in Room #330 of The Belfast Center (9 Field St., Belfast). The service is followed by a potluck.

His Eternal Magnificence . . . by Joseph Littlefield

His Eternal Magnificence

In the 19th chapter of the book of Acts we read that a businessman named Demetrius, in the city of Ephesus, was extremely concerned about what the Apostle Paul was saying.  He roused a crowd to the brink of violence; saying that “there is danger …that [the great goddess Artemis] may even be deposed from her magnificence [by Paul’s words].”  The great goddess Artemis might have been deposed of her magnificence by the mere words of Paul.  Demetrius thought one man’s words might topple a god’s glory.  A tiny human would oust a massive deity.  The divine would be crushed by a finite creature? What an utterly absurd thought.

Reality is not so with our God.  For the true God; the God of the Bible; the God in whom we move and breathe and have are being; the God who is the Alpha and Omega; the God who is before all things and above all things and in whom all things hold together; the God who has not been fashioned by human hands; that God will not be deposed of His magnificence by anything.  We need not fear that He will be thwarted by some man’s words.  We need not worry that the creator of the Universe, the infinitely sovereign Lord who for all eternity is praised as worthy and for all eternity is sung of as holy will be in anyway overthrown from His position by the small words of a small human.  God’s words brought everything from nothing.  His words bring hope to the hopeless.  His words bring meaning and order and beauty.  His words are power.  His words are life.  He is the only true king.  Nothing said by anyone or anything will change that.  He will never be unseated.