Christ the King Church

local believers

Christ the King Church is a fellowship of Christian believers. We are committed to the good news . . . that God is good, and He saves sinners. We meet on Sundays at 4:oo pm in Room #330 of The Belfast Center (9 Field St., Belfast). The service is followed by a potluck.

Eternity's Song . . . by Joseph Littlefield

Eternity’s Song


When the sun lies down upon the western hills

When the waterfall has its relentless spill

When the moon arises in the sky so still

It is a whisper of you to me


When the hawk floats by with the lofty clouds

When the meadow’s blanket is a golden shroud

When the ice covered limb is earthward bowed

It is a veiled portrait for me to see


When the newborn rests in her mother’s hands

When the starlit ceiling is a vast expanse

When the loon’s cry echoes its final stand

It is a faint hint of who you are


When the sea’s ablaze with a crystal fire

When scarlet gems dot the bramble briar

When fresh fallen snow is the hill’s attire

It is a glimpse of you from afar


But when the Perfect One hung from a tree

When He stretched out battered on Calvary

When, through the spear, was death decreed

Your song came louder, Your voice rang clear


When the temple veil was ripped in two

When the earth trembled and midnight grew

When the slaughtered Lord went in a tomb

The canvas stretched and Your heart appeared


And when the grave surrenders to the King

When all hell crumbles and victory rings

When the Lamb is seen atop everything

All that exists will take up His true song


The mountains and oceans will find harmony

Every child of the King, all the beasts and trees

All will join together in His symphony

Rising as one grand orchestra throng


The Cross is God’s masterpiece for all to sing

Creation the vapor, Christ the real thing