Christ the King Church

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Christ the King Church is a fellowship of Christian believers. We are committed to the good news . . . that God is good, and He saves sinners. We meet on Sundays at 4:oo pm in Room #330 of The Belfast Center (9 Field St., Belfast). The service is followed by a potluck.

All the Difference . . . by Joseph Littlefield

All the Difference

Christmas is Christmas because Easter is Easter.  A helpless baby, born to a young peasant mother, in an obscure village, in an occupied people group is big news for one reason.  It is an event worthy of the celebration of the entire world, neigh – the entire created order, only because Easter is Easter.

The Sermon on the Mount is the Sermon on the Mount because Easter is Easter.  A wandering rabbi’s teachings on blessing and love, treasure and prayer, trust and sacrifice are revolutionary truth because Easter is Easter.

The Last Supper is the Last Supper because Easter is Easter.  A Jewish ritual practiced in thousands of households year after year after year became a foundational sacrament of a new covenant, with the true broken bread and the true poured out wine, between God and His bride because Easter is Easter.

The transformation of the disciples – from fearful abandoners of Christ to fearless martyrs for Christ is because Easter is Easter.  

Easter is Easter.  

Christ did not die in vain.  He did not stay on the cross.  He did not remain in the ground.  The cross, the ground, sin and death – none of it could contain Him.  How can the finite shackle the infinite?  How can the limitless ever remain limited?  He arose.  The grave is empty.  He has conquered all.  He is alive.  He is King.  He is God.  That is why Easter is Easter and that makes all the difference in the world.