Christ the King Church

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Christ the King Church is a fellowship of Christian believers. We are committed to the good news . . . that God is good, and He saves sinners. We meet on Sundays at 4:oo pm in Room #330 of The Belfast Center (9 Field St., Belfast). The service is followed by a potluck.

Beyond the Expected . . . by Joseph Littlefield

Beyond the Expected

The greatest of stories have unexpected endings.  Satan, as shrewd and cunning as he may be, did not realize God’s ultimate plan through Jesus.  In fact, he worked to thwart God and ended up a pawn in the hands of our sovereign, Lord.  Satan thought he was working to destroy Christ and, thus, derail the work of God.  Numerous times we see him at work to bring about an end to Jesus: putting betrayal in the mind of Judas and then entering into him to deliverer Christ to the authorities.  The religious leaders, the Roman occupiers, even the general public crying out for Jesus’ death; all show evil being aligned to destroy the perfect Son of God.  He was abandoned, killed, and buried – Satan had won, so it seemed…But the greatest stories have unexpected endings.  The tables were turned in three days’ time.  The very thing Satan meant to destroy Christ was the very thing God used to destroy Satan… and sin and pain and death and evil.  In the end it will be the slaughtered and risen Lamb who will triumph over all.  The greatest of all stories has the greatest of all unexpected endings.