Christ the King Church

local believers

Christ the King Church is a fellowship of Christian believers. We are committed to the good news . . . that God is good, and He saves sinners. We meet on Sundays at 4:oo pm in Room #330 of The Belfast Center (9 Field St., Belfast). The service is followed by a potluck.

The Humble Servant . . . by Joseph Littlefield

The Humble Servant

Jesus is a God who comes low.  He left heaven to become a lowly human; the creator emptying Himself to become the created.  He came as a human, not to take a place of prominence or recognition, but that of a lowly servant.  He came not to be a servant of the noble but to serve the lowly; to be abused, abandoned and slaughtered; and to sacrifice Himself on their behalf.  From the infinite realm of heaven lit glory to the dark, dusty, death-ridden realm of us, here in a fallen world.  The God in whom all majesty, power and beauty resides came as low as low can be lowered – for you and for me.  He is truly the humble servant in whom all our worship is due.